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Jim from Pensilvania - £11.33
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99
James from Blairsville, USA - £9.41
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99



Live Gig Guide

Lunanza Event
Agricultural Showground

Shining Stars Radio is proud to announce that we will be at the Family Day at the Agricultural Showgrounds in Shrewsbury on June 22nd. You will be able to hear the events going on throughout the day at or if you are walking round the showground, use your internet radio on your phone and enter the stream details as or if your having problems come and see us at the event. Come and say Hi.

Friday night we will be broadcasting our live shows from the grounds including Sheila M. Broadcast starts at 6:00pm on Friday 21st June.

Broadcasting from 11:00am GMT till 5:00pm GMT Saturday

Internet Radio
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Darrel Vince

Name:- Barry Paul

Favourite food:- Food, any food is good, as long as its not too spicy.

Favourite drink:-Cant beat a nice cup of tea. Quite partial to an ice cold lager.

Favourite type / genre of music:- I like all music.

Band / Artist:- Any band or artist that are female. Watching the sexy curves in the promos are the best. Wha? Theres music on the vids too?

Sport:- Not a sporty person, but I do like Formula 1

Pets:- A black cat, which has a 925 silver pentagram on her collar.

Interests:- Magic, playing Star Trek Online

Favourite colour & why?:- Blue or Black, can you tell by the pic?

Things you do on a weekend:- Same oh same oh

If you werent in radio, what would you do?:- Its not much of what would I do, but what would I do more of. Do more magic.

Things you like about BIRMINGHAM? :-There is always a cheaper shop somewhere.

About me: I have been DJing since 1982. Oh my thats a long time (Put the calculators away). I have always had some form of magic set from an early age, and now a semi professional.

I ahve been asked how I get Spitfire radio playing through my car speakers. This is how:-

I have a Nokia N97, First find a blank space on your radio, I turn on my FM Transmitter App set it to the blank frequency on the radio, and then start my Nokia Internet Radio and start Spitfire Radio.

And there ya go, Spitfire Radio in the Car.

As broadcasted on my show today. Heroes in the Sky and Lord of the Rings Online, both FREE to play Multi Player games.

Heroes in the Sky

Lord of the Rings Online

I reported on the Gaming news about the new Star Trek - Infinate Space. So here is the Link

Brand new Gaming news at 6:30pm daily. Listen to news about new games, old games, game tips and cheats, and STO Collective news.

Coming new to the show is our own Spitfire gaming news, listen in for gaming news of new games, cheats hints and tips and a tune for gamers. We will be announcing news for Star Trek Online.

My poor pussy cat is poorly, she has a skn ifection and has to have some nasty medicine. Not that i have tried it.

On my show today, we have the Retro TV Tune at 5:30. If you want a piece of this, drop me an email. We have Today in history, Birthdays, Events and more.


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