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Jim from Pensilvania - £11.33
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99
James from Blairsville, USA - £9.41
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99



Live Gig Guide

Lunanza Event
Agricultural Showground

Shining Stars Radio is proud to announce that we will be at the Family Day at the Agricultural Showgrounds in Shrewsbury on June 22nd. You will be able to hear the events going on throughout the day at or if you are walking round the showground, use your internet radio on your phone and enter the stream details as or if your having problems come and see us at the event. Come and say Hi.

Friday night we will be broadcasting our live shows from the grounds including Sheila M. Broadcast starts at 6:00pm on Friday 21st June.

Broadcasting from 11:00am GMT till 5:00pm GMT Saturday


On this page you can view and listen to the artist interviews we have had on the show. Looking for older interviews? [Click Here]

Leon Edwards on Shining Star Radio

Artist : Leon 'Rocky' Edwards'

Interviewed : September 2013

Bio : Another Multi-Martial Arts fighter in a pre-event interview.






Social Networking : Tim Wilde on facebook Tim Wilde on twitter

Tim Wilde on Shining Star Radio

Artist : Tim Wilde

Interviewed : September 2013

Bio : Lightweight Multi-Martial Arts fighter in a pre-event interview.





Social Networking : Tim Wilde on facebook Tim Wilde on twitter

Redstaar on Shining Star Radio

Artist : Redstaar

Interviewed : July 2012

Bio : "One of the most animated music artists in music entertainment!!" RED...STAAR!! A singer, songwriter and music producer from Birmingham who oozes with confidence, and always has a smile on his face.

Social Networking : Redstaar on facebook Redstaar on twitter Redstaar on youtube

The Scarletz

Artist : The Scarletz

Interviewed : June 2012

Bio : I finally managed to get them on interview, with the promise of a bum reading from Tahnee when we meet and offers of marriage from them all, i think I'm a little starstruck. Have a listen to this great interview.

Artist : The Crochet Conspiritors

Interviewed : June 2012

Bio : This is an interview regarding the Josiah Mason bust being adorned with Jubilee garb.

Sykes on Shining Stars RadioArtist : Zara Sykes

Interviewed : May 2012

Bio : Sykes, otherwise known as Zara Sykes is a Birmingham born and Bred artists with several tracks under her belt. Listen to this great interview from back in September 2011. Her music career has gone from strength to strength.

Social Networking : Sykes on facebook Sykes on Twitter Sykes on myspace Sykes on Youtube


Looking for Other interviews? [Click Here]


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