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Jim from Pensilvania - £11.33
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99
James from Blairsville, USA - £9.41
SSR from Music Stream - £-5.99



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Lunanza Event
Agricultural Showground

Shining Stars Radio is proud to announce that we will be at the Family Day at the Agricultural Showgrounds in Shrewsbury on June 22nd. You will be able to hear the events going on throughout the day at or if you are walking round the showground, use your internet radio on your phone and enter the stream details as or if your having problems come and see us at the event. Come and say Hi.

Friday night we will be broadcasting our live shows from the grounds including Sheila M. Broadcast starts at 6:00pm on Friday 21st June.

Broadcasting from 11:00am GMT till 5:00pm GMT Saturday



Ok so heres the question, who or what are Shining Stars Radio? Quite simply its a radio station, but with a twist.

As a radio station we are looking at broadcasting music to the masses, i.e. you. However, to start with, this will only be at certain times. There wont be any shows that will run and run through the day but a list will be shown as to when these shows are on. We would be grateful if you could come and listen at those times.

Content wise, the shows that I personally will be doing will be the same format I have done on another internet radio station. This includes band and artist interviews, a regular gaming news and other fun features.

We are looking at interviewing as many bands as possible to broadcast on our station and even broadcasting live sets, sessions, gigs and showcases to the internet. This adds to the bands possible fan base and to which they gain integrity.

The other side of the station is gaming. We would like to get to be known as a gaming station and that people would listen to us while playing their favourite game. We already have a following with a number of Star Trek Online players and a few from Lord of the Rings. But we are looking for a more widely listened to station from other games as Eve Online, Champions Online, World of Warcraft and many more.

We would on a regular basis play your guild or clan news for your desired listeners. What about though, think of it, your playing a game, and you want to let people know about a certain event that is happening. Get onto the station and we will broadcast it.

Finally, we are for you. we will play what you want to hear during our shows. So please tune in and listen.

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